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What to bring to your senior session.

For guys, Mom, a word to the wise if you are bringing a son in for senior pictures.  Left to their own devices, a typical senior guy will bring in what he is wearing which is usually a ball cap and t-shirt. If pressed on the issue he will bring a second t-shirt, for formals of course. So guys need help. Lots of help. Bribe or do what ever you can to talk them into bringing in at least one long sleeve solid shirt or more if possible and then let them bring what ever else they want. Encourage them to check out our website where they will see some pretty cool guy shots with everything from i-pods, to laptops, to sports equipment to car, trucks, hunting gear what ever.

 If they are into it, have them bring it. I can't tell you how many times I've had a senior guy in the studio and they actually start having fun with the session and then wish they had brought some thing from home. So tell them they owe you that much just get them to bring stuff. You and they will not regret it.  And when all that fails, just put it in the car yourself.

For Girls, bring at least eight outfits. We won't get to them all.  It's best to have several to choose from though. Of course bring their favorites, but bring what you know they look great in as well. There is usually some disagreement on this point but just have them bring it to humor you and I will get them to wear it. I'll tell them there will be no facial retouching if they don't wear at least one that mom wants. Works every time.

Suggestion: Bring at least one if not more dresses with their heels, but I know some girls don't like dresses and that's OK too. Bring sunglasses, sporting equipment, musical instruments and just about anything that says who they are. Bring casual items as well. Don't just limit your outfits to the season we are in.  Girls are better at this than guys (unless the guy is in theater of course), but if you're not sure, then bring it anyway.

The bottom line is variety is the important in a senior session and as far as I'm concerned they can't bring enough so help them out and encourage them to bring in everything that they look good in or that is a part of their life. Sandy will give you some ideas when you call to schedule your appt. (660 834 4550) and she will suggest what photographs best. Oh, and please bring it in on hangers and ironed.  Wrinkles are gonna show.